Star Wars R2-D2 Cake

Have you seen the trailers for the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One?  It looks awesome (as most Star Wars movies are), but I don’t see any cute robots – how can they have a Star Wars movie with no cute robots?  Roly-poly BB8 stole our hearts when he showed up in The Force Awakens (I’ve made cake versions of him several times!), but R2-D2 will always be our first true love.

In fact, I found a fascinating article from the Smithsonian on why we just can’t get enough of him (in the article, R2-D2’s original designer is quoted as saying “there is something about R2-D2 that people just want to cuddle”.  Accurate!)

Convinced?  I’m sure you loved him anyway.  🙂  So here’s everyone’s favourite robot, now as cake (okay, it’s half of him – just imagine he’s sticking out of an X-Wing instead of a cake plate!).

R2D2 sculpted cake from Star Wars

Back view:

R2D2 sculpted cake from Star Wars

R2D2 sculpted cake from Star Wars

R2-D2, we love you!

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