Triceratops Cake

This cake is tops – triceratops!  Ahhhh, okay, that’s a bad joke (even for me!), but it’s a good cake, so I hope that will balance things out!

Realistic triceratops dinosaur cake.

I’ve actually made several dino cakes for this family – both their two boys are totally dinosaur obsessed.  When so many kids (and grown-ups, for that matter!) seem to change “favourite things” twice a week, it’s cool to see their level of dino-votion (devotion = dino-votion – does that work?  Sure, why not.  Bad joke count: two.).  So, of course that love has to manifest in sweet, edible dino-cake form.

Realistic triceratops dinosaur cake.

This particular triceratops was based on the birthday boy’s very favourite dino figurine – one he affectionately calls “Daddy-ceratops”.

I loved creating his skin texture – it’s so wrinkly and interesting.  Usually you want to avoid wrinkles in your fondant, so adding them on purpose was fun to play around with!

Realistic triceratops dinosaur cake.

Also, you want to know a secret?

The spots were a last minute addition.  A tiny dot of liquid colour dripped onto his head-frill-thing while I was airbrushing him (that’s what they call that part, right?  I’m sure the birthday boy would know the proper terminology, but I’ll just stick with “head-frill-thing”!).  Rather than fussing to wipe it off, I decided it looked so cool I would just add more spots all over!  I think they really added to the overall effect.  And it just goes to show that there are no mistakes, only accidental inspiration!

Realistic triceratops dinosaur cake.

I was quite pleased with how he turned out – definitely dino-mite!  (Three dino puns, I’ll go home now.)  🙂

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