Pingwing the Penguin Cake

You may have noticed things have been WARM in Toronto so far this summer.  If you’re running out of popsicles and pining for cooler climes, take a look at this cake – Mr. Penguin on his ice floe is chilly enough that he needed his hat and scarf!

Muppet Penguin cake with hat and scarf

Doesn’t he have the cutest little penguin butt??  (Also, I enjoy that in my research for this cake, I had a legitimate reason to Google “penguin butt”.)

Muppet Penguin cake with hat and scarf

Those with a keen eye and an affinity for all things Muppet may recognize him as one of Super Grover’s  penguin friends from the episode Super Grover at the Penguin Party! Perhaps not so coincidentally, this was for the same family who requested this Super Grover cake recently.  They’re a Grover family – I approve!

Oh – and you may also know that my husband periodically enjoys naming my cakes (as you do).  This one is named Pingwing.  Because, as you may or may not know, Benedict Cumberbatch can’t say “penguin”.  So, here he is again; Pingwing the Penguin.  🙂

Muppet Penguin cake with hat and scarf


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