A Super Grover Cake!

“He’s everybody’s favourite hero.  He’s faster than lightning, stronger than steel, and smarter than a speeding bullet.  He’s… SUPER GROVER!  (And he’s cute, too!)”  And now he’s a CAKE!

Super Grover Cake

I was SOOOO excited to get a request for a Grover cake, and I was ESPECIALLY excited that it was Super Grover!  As a child of the 80s, I grew up with Sesame Street and Grover was my favourite.  After all, in his own words, he’s such a “lovable, furry old monster”!  We had some of his books, too:  The Monster at the End of This Book, Grover’s Bad, Awful Day, and, my little brother’s favourite, Down on the Farm with Grover (okay, my brother’s not so little now, but he used to love shouting “Aiiieeeee, CHICKEN COOP!!” when Grover drove the tractor through the hen house!).  As you can tell, this muppet and my family go way back.

Super Grover Cake

These days, everyone seems to be Team Elmo – I’ve actually done an Elmo cake, and it’s Elmo in the spotlight almost everywhere you look.  So, when I got an email that referenced Grover’s “Oscar-esque performances in Disco Grover, Grover waiter, Near and Far, and of course, Super Grover”, I knew I had a fellow fan!!  I was so pleased that he’s introduced his son to the wonders of Grover, and I knew I had to do a faithful reproduction.

Even his logo and the yarn tie for his cake are now fully edible!  I think Grover would approve.

Super Grover Cake

Up, up and away…  It’s SUPER GROVER!!

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  1. Fabulous! Grover brings back wonderful memories of sitting on the couch with you & your siblings reading about Grover’s adventures.

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