Hot Cuppa Teacup Cake

Did you know January is Hot Tea Month?  When it’s snowing and blowing outside, there’s nothing like a hot cuppa to warm up – especially when it’s made of cake.

Teacup Cake

My husband is British, so we drink a lot of tea in this house.  It’s not usually like this, though!  This cake was requested for a 13-year-old’s birthday – clearly tea’s appeal is ageless.  I made a custom teabag label for her special day from wafer paper with edible ink.  You can eat the whole thing – tea, cup, string, label and all!

Teacup Cake

The cake itself was baked in a half ball pan, to form the base of the “tea”.  Modelling chocolate under the fondant allowed the cup’s china to stick up past the liquid level.

For the tea itself, I made a white chocolate ganache and coloured it with a little bit of dark chocolate.  On top, I poured some thinned corn syrup to provide the liquid-look gloss.  Add some hand-painted roses and edible gold paint edging, and this cuppa looks good enough to drink (or eat…)!

Teacup Cake

I guess this is a literal CUP cake??  Pass the milk and sugar, please!

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