Elsa & Olaf “Frozen” Cake

Do you want to build a Frozen cake?

And no, I don’t mean heading down to your local DQ (though those ice cream cakes are DELICIOUS)… I mean the smash-hit Disney movie with those catchy songs that kids (of all ages) couldn’t stop singing (ever…).

With Toronto’s first real touch of winter weather lately, what better time to share this snowflake-covered confection?

Disney Frozen cake with Elsa and Olaf

Like so many little girls, this birthday girl’s favourite character is the lovely Elsa.  In this case, she was piece-cut from fondant, with modelling chocolate hair and hand-painted makeup (I guess most make-up is, really…).

Disney Frozen cake with Elsa and Olaf

Of course, everyone’s other favourite character is the lovable Olaf, done here in solid modelling chocolate (okay, not entirely solid… there are bits of dry spaghettini in his arms.  There, you know my secrets!).

Disney Frozen cake with Elsa and Olaf

Speaking of secrets, this photo shows a good close-up of the tiny little snowflakes that covered the cake.  Unlike the bigger ones that were individually hand-painted, these smaller ones used a very sophisticated technique called “dip my brush in the edible paint and flick it repeatedly at the cake”.  😉  Good thing it was white, or it would have made a huge mess!

Disney Frozen cake with Elsa and Olaf

And speaking of making huge messes…  I wanted to capture the beautiful colours of the rich night sky from the movie.  So, instead of using a plain blue fondant, I actually started each of these with white fondant and airbrushed on several shades of blue and purple.  I loved the effect, but whew, did I find that blue everywhere!!  I used a drop cloth for the immediate area, but I learned through this cake that airbrush colour is very floaty.  Oh well – I think it was worth it!  🙂

Disney Frozen cake with Elsa and Olaf

Well, Thora – it was a lot of fun making this cake for you, so I hope you had a wonderful birthday (and I hope you get to build lots of snowmen this winter!).

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