Peg + Cat = Fun Cake!

One of the pleasures of designing cakes is that I get to hear about all sorts of fun kids’ shows that I would otherwise know nothing about.  A recent example is this cake, based on the show Peg + Cat.

That’s Peg there on the side, and the blue fella dangling from the balloon is her cat.  They like to do math.

Peg + Cat Cake with hand-painted scenery

In the initial request for her daughter’s cake, the mom described the show as “a math-themed series featuring a girl and her cat who solve math-related problems,” while also involving “barn animals, three teens, 100 chickens, and an alien”.  Um…as you do?  This show sounds AWESOME!  🙂  I was instantly intrigued, and couldn’t wait to make this cake.

When not solving math problems, Peg and her cat like to bake cakes, hence the mini-cake on top.  I like these guys.

Peg + Cat cake with balloon, cake, and hand-painted farm scenery.

A few hand-painted elements finished this cake: the birthday girl’s name is modelled after the font used on the show, and around the base tier I painted a replica of the cool watercolour-style background art they use.  Notice that the clouds are infinity symbols – way to tie in the math reference!!

Peg + Cat cake with balloon, cake, and hand-painted farm scenery.

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  1. Wow! This cake has all the elements of a fun party. What more could any girl ask for? Sounds like a recipe for success.

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