Feel Better – It’s Cake!

Today’s cake will make you feel better.  Cake always make things better, but this one especially so, because it was made to feature some of Johnson & Johnson’s most popular personal care products.

Every part of this cake is entirely edible.

Johnson & Johnson cake with edible products

The Band-Aids, Tylenol, Motrin and Johnson’s Baby Lotion are made from solid modelling chocolate, and covered on all sides with edible-printed packaging.  You can slice them up and eat the entire box or bottle, packaging and all!

The “wooden” crate is made from modelling chocolate (with chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream inside), the marbled cake board is fondant and even the tissue paper is edible wafer paper.

Johnson & Johnson cake with edible products

I actually had a great experience while delivering this cake.  I had set the box on the receptionist’s desk while we waited for the contact person to accept the delivery.  Another employee came by and peeked in the box, then commented, “Well, that’s misleading.”  I asked her what she meant, and she explained, “That box says ‘CAKES by Caralin’.”  When I assured her that it actually WAS a cake, she was floored!  “Really??” she asked, “That whole thing is edible??”  It was fun.  🙂

Well, I hope they enjoyed eating it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Johnson & Johnson cake with edible products