Super Awesome Unicorn Cake!

Meet Fido.  Fido is a unicorn.  Fido is a cake.  Fido is a super awesome unicorn cake!

Super awesome unicorn cake.
He’s very happy to be an edible unicorn.  You can tell by his toothy grin.

Super awesome unicorn cake.
Like all unicorns, he is made of sunshine and magic (and cake – lots of cake).

Super awesome unicorn cake.
And, also like all unicorns, he poops glittery rainbow Skittles turds.  (It is known.)

Butt and Skittle poop of a super awesome unicorn cake.
Okay, you might be wondering at this point why I made a giant unicorn cake that is pooping glittery rainbow Skittles turds.  A fair question, I feel!  This majestic beast of sugary wonder was constructed as part of a farewell for wonderful woman who is pretty majestic herself.  She’s transferring to another office within her company, and the team requested this cake as part of her send-off.  This shows just a hint of how much they’re going to miss her!  Oh – and she LOOOOOVES unicorns.  Did I forget to mention that?  And Skittles.  And… glittery rainbow turds, apparently.

Butt and Skittle poop of a super awesome unicorn cake.

Mmmm… rainbow-y.

If you’ve been paying attention, you might also have wondered why his name is Fido.  Well, when I was building him, my husband thought the internal structure looked more like a dog than a unicorn, so he named him Fido.  The name stuck, so I went with it!  I felt he needed a more unicorn-y last name, though, so I extended it to Fido McSparklebutt, and gave him a sparkly heart butt tattoo to live up to his moniker.  I thought, as an awesome unicorn, he could pull it off.  I think I was right.  🙂

Super awesome unicorn cake.

Big shout-out, too, to The People’s Cake’s Kaysie Lackey for her Craftsy teachings on the internal structure of this fella.  It was my first time attempting a cake that stands on its own four legs (since most cakes have no legs to speak of at all…), and her guidance saved me a lot of trial and error!

Here are Fido and I together before he went to his fancy party!  (Sorry for the photo quality – this was a quick phone snap!)

Me with Fido the Unicorn cake.

Yay Fido!  What a guy.

Super awesome unicorn cake.

Well, that’s all the unicorn pics for now, folks.  Fido wishes all of you a cake-filled day.  And remember: Always be yourself.  Unless you can be a unicorn cake.  Then always be a unicorn cake.

…Sound advice, Fido.  Sound advice.

Always be a unicorn

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