Pretty Pink Owl Baby Shower Cake

Whhoooooo’s ready for another owl baby shower cake?

Owls seem to be a hot-ticket item for all things baby-related this year – and I definitely approve, because owls are a hoot!  Ahahaha, I’m hilarious.  Okay, I’m just punny, but that entertains me too.  🙂

All puns aside (for now…), I hope you enjoy this cute owl cake.  I made a similar one for a good friend of mine last year, but I customized this design to include some girly ruffles and a pretty pink and grey colour scheme.



(Also, I know I’ve been a bit awol from blogging for the past couple of months.  It’s been a crazy fall!  Don’t worry, though – I have been baking, so more posts will follow soon!)


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