Game of Thrones: Cake is Coming.

Winter is coming.  

Luckily, today it’s in cake form!

Winter may be the last thing on your mind at the beginning of August, but for Game of Thrones fans these words take on a very different meaning.  I definitely count myself among this group, so I was thrilled when I was asked to design a birthday (ahem, “name day”) cake based on the series.

Game of Thrones Cake by Caralin Fleet

The centrepiece is the infamous Iron Throne.  The story goes that the throne was forged by Aegon the Conqueror from the swords of his vanquished enemies.  This one is made gumpaste (much tastier) and finished with edible silver and gold paint.  The entire thing is edible, if you’re so inclined!

I stopped counting at 100, but I’m estimating there are about 200-300 individual swords in here, plus 49 sword hilts.


The front of the cake features the logo from the opening sequence, with the birthday girl’s name replacing the series title.  We were going to use “Queen Travina”, but since Daenerys, Kahleesi of the Dothraki, is one her favourite characters, we thought “Khaleesi Travina” would be more fitting.

Around the sides are the rest of the images from the opening, showing scenes from Robert’s Rebellion (click image for a larger view).


I even made a video for this one to show the 360 degree view – it’s not the most production-quality video, but it does the trick!

I really enjoyed making this one – it was a fun challenge!

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  1. WOW! What an amazing cake! This is unbelievable! I’m sure the birthday girl was also impressed, especially when it tasted as great as it looked.

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