Edelman/PayPal’s iPhone Cake

Okay, I’ve been sitting on this one a little while (not the actual cake – that would be sticky.  And bad for business.  I guarantee that all my cakes are non-sat-on).  Now, however, I am happy to present you with one of my favourite recent cakes – an iPhone cake!  This cake was ordered by the good folks down at Edelman Canada to celebrate the one year anniversary of their relationship with client PayPal.

The team at Edelman sent me a screen cap of PayPal’s new payment app and asked if I could modify that to show a Happy Anniversary message.  Challenge accepted!  It was handy that I have an iPhone of my own, since I wanted to be accurate – I measured every little dimension and scaled it up (math – woot!) to make sure that the finished product would look realistic.

iPhone Cake for PayPal Edelman with Screen Cap

iPhone Cake for PayPal Edelman Close Up 3

iPhone Cake for PayPal and Edelman Close Up 1

iPhone Cake PayPal Edelman
I was quite pleased with how it turned out, and it seems the folks at PayPal were too!

PayPal selfie

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