Sparkly Skating Cake

Winter this year seemed like it would last forever.  Thankfully, it didn’t – and now that we’re all enjoying the warmth of a well-deserved summer, why don’t we think about some ice and snow again?  Now, before you start sending me snowballs as hate mail, don’t worry, I’m certainly not missing the cold (I was one of the happiest to see it leave!), but this cake celebrates some of the fun parts of winters past.  This cake was for an end-of-season party for a team of synchronized skaters – similar to synchronized swimming, but on ice!  COOOOOL, huh?  Ahhaha, I’m so punny.  🙂

Anyway, enjoy the cake, and the summer weather –  both always seem to disappear far too quickly!


Close up of the gumpaste ice skate.  The blade is painted with silver lustre dust to give it shine, and the whole cake is sprinkled with edible snowy glitter.


One thought on “Sparkly Skating Cake

  1. This cake is perfect. The ice is not cold, but very yummy; this is the best kind.

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