Stegosaurus Dino Cake

I made this cute stegosaurus birthday cake recently for a little boy who absolutely LOVES dinosaurs.

I sent his mom a couple of different designs, initially – one was a cake shaped like a dino, like this one, and the other was a round cake with a little dino figure on top.  The birthday boy liked them both, but his biggest point of concern was why the little dino on the round cake (the baby dino) wasn’t with the big one (clearly the mommy dino!).  So, for his birthday cake I made sure to put baby and momma together.

At first, he also specified that he wanted the dino to be “dino colour”…  An obvious choice, right?  However, since I’m no palaeontologist, I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant and I was happy when he changed his mind to red!  And hey, red could have been dino colour – how do we know, at this point?  🙂

So, here he is: Morris the Stegosaurus, as a red dino birthday cake (apparently Morris is the name the birthday boy goes by when he is pretending to be a stegosaurus – how cute, huh?).

Stegosaurus Dino Cake

I know he’s a little rotund to be anatomically correct according to the fossil records, but this way there was more cake to go around!  (For the record, Morris the Stegosaurus was vanilla cake with rainbow-coloured sprinkles right in the batter.  Again not anatomically correct, but much more delicious!)

3 thoughts on “Stegosaurus Dino Cake

  1. That cake would excite big & little folks. Happy birthday to the bithday boy!

  2. was a guest at this party – and the cake was gorgeous and delicious!
    not a single piece was left! the kids loved it!

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