Rosette Mousse Cake (and contest reminder!)

Here is the third (and final) cake I made last weekend – whew, that was a lot of cake!

This cake was a special one, since it was for the combined birthdays of my wonderful godparents (love you guys!).  However, I only managed to get a few quick snaps of it, since my ravenous family was waiting behind me, forks in hand (okay, we’d just finished a huge Easter dinner, so they weren’t THAT ravenous, but they still really wanted cake).  🙂  So, my commitment to better photos lagged a bit on this one, but it was tasty, so I hope you’ll forgive me (and I actually got to eat this one – most of my cakes go to other people these days!).

This cake is also special because that’s not buttercream – that’s my white chocolate mousse!  My family’s favourite is my Black & White cake (dark chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse).  The mousse is much softer than buttercream, though, so I was unsure if it would hold up to the rosette piping – seems it actually turned out quite well!  Woohoo!  Finished with a peach-coloured gumpaste rose and rosebud.

Rosette Mousse Cake with Rose

Rosette Mousse Cake with Rose

Also, today is the last day to enter my Free Cupcakes Contest!  It closes tonight at 11:59pm – is your entry in?  Go comment on the original contest post to enter, if you haven’t already, and get your chance to win a dozen free cupcakes!


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  1. This fabulous cake was a lovely treat for her godparent’s birthday. Jackie thought she didn’t like chocolate, until she tried Caralin’s black & white cake. We were able to celebrate their birthdays AND eat cake. What a great day!

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