Throwback Thursday: Celtic Football Club Jersey Cake

So, I originally started this blog several years ago.  Those of you who have been following me since then (thanks, guys!!) know that I sort of fell off the wagon and didn’t post anything for a while (okay, I didn’t post anything for a loooong time), but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t making tasty cakes!  (To those who are more recent visitors – thanks to you too!  Welcome!!)

These days, I’ve been in the much better habit of posting cakes as I make them, and I’ve really been enjoying sharing them with you (at least in photo form – I wish I could send you a slice!).  However, I still have a whole bunch of photos from past cakes, and since I’ve recently done a redesign of the whole blog (and ordered new business cards – woot!), I thought this would be a good time to start Throwback Thursdays!

Every Thursday, I’ll post a cake from my archives.  Some photos will be snazzier than others – my recent pledge to take better photos of my cakes wasn’t yet in effect, and I also used to leave my cake boards uncovered (I’m covering my cake boards now for a more polished look).  Some photos you may have seen if you follow my Facebook page, and some will be brand-spankin’ new.  Either way, it’ll be good, tasty memories.  🙂

For my inaugural Throwback Thursday post, I thought I would do a DOUBLE throwback (whoa!).  This is both a new cake and a revisitation of an old one – a Celtic Football Club jersey cake.  The original was one of my early posts on this blog, and looking back on it now, it’s… well, it’s good to see the progress I’ve made.  🙂  Today’s post is a second jersey cake I made not too long after the first one, actually, but I learned a lot and I think the second is vastly improved.

It’s all buttercream with a few little fondant accents (the yellow Nike symbol, the star and sleeve edging, and the team logo).

Celtic Football Club Jersey Cake close up
Close up of the logo, which is hand painted then over-piped with tiny buttercream lettering.

Celtic Football Club Jersey Cake close up

Still not quite perfect, and I know I could do a much better job now, but a nice memory that I thought was worth sharing (If you haven’t seen the old post, check it out here for reference!).

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