A Super Superhero Cake

I made this “super” cake for a very special eight-year-old.  Spiderman, Batman and Superman – the big three are here!

The logos are hand painted, and, like the rest of the cake (of course!), fully edible.  There is one little post holding up the 3D eight, but otherwise, you can chow down on all of it.  Good thing, because apparently that’s what the birthday boy went for first – he ate the Batman logo and all the letters of his name!




There’s a colourful surprise inside this cake, too.  Each tier is four layers of chocolate cake with buttercream in between, so I made the icing between the bottom layers blue, the middle layers yellow, and the top layers red.  I didn’t get a picture of the cut cake to show the filling, unfortunately, but I’m told it tasted great (and that’s the most important thing!)

2 thoughts on “A Super Superhero Cake

  1. I saw this cake as it was being constructed. I’m certain this creation must have made this special young man very happy.

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