A Dino-riffic Birthday!

I made a cake this weekend for the 2nd birthday of my very dear friend’s son.  He’s a big fan of the show Dinosaur Train (which I hadn’t even heard of since I don’t have kids of my own!), so we modelled this cake after the two main characters on the show.

I baked and filled the cake at home in Toronto, but my friends live back in our hometown so I actually finished this cake at my parents’ house.  That meant I had to bring all of my cake stuff, but the trade off was I had some help.  My sister is artsy too, so she actually made Tiny the Pteranodon while I made Buddy the T-Rex!  Go team!

Dinosaur Train Birthday Cake

Dinosaur Train Birthday Cake Close Up
We had to make sure Tiny had eyelashes, since that’s how you know cartoon characters are girls!  Buddy, of course, got a set of ferocious teeth.

Dinosaur Train Birthday Cake Character Shots

They were a cute pair to make.  The birthday boy really liked it, too, so that’s the most important thing!  🙂

(I also made his 1st birthday Piggies in the Mud cake and his baby shower cake, which I apparently haven’t posted yet – oops!  I’ll have to get around to posting that one soon!  Can’t wait to celebrate with you again next year!)


3 thoughts on “A Dino-riffic Birthday!

    1. Hi, Loved the cake and little dinos. Can I ask what you used to make these dinos? I have cake coming up and really confuse what would be best to use(gumpaste, fondant or chocolate modelling). I would appriciate your reply.

      1. Hi Sasi,

        Thanks for the comment! These dinos are gumpaste, but fondant would work too if they’re not too big or too detailed (gumpaste dries harder, so it’s better for detail work). Modelling chocolate would work fine too, though, so it’s really whichever medium you prefer! Why not try making them in advance so you can try a few different techniques and see which one you like best? Let me know how it works out!

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