A Sweet Rosette Birthday

I made this pretty rosette cake for a recent birthday.  The piped buttercream rosettes were actually quite quick to do, but I love how they turned out.  So did the birthday girl, actually – so much so that her mom ordered another exactly the same a week later!  (Not that you need an excuse to have two birthday cakes, but one was for the party with her friends and the next was for the family.  I guess the only trouble with birthday parties is they sometimes don’t leave much leftover cake!)

The purple accent flower and writing disc are made out of thin gumpaste and easily removable before cutting – the rest is all buttercream!

Buttercream Rosette Birthday Cake by Caralin

Here’s an image of the “naked” cake pre-toppers, so you can see the sides.  It fit two rows of rosettes perfectly!

Plain Buttercream Rosette Birthday Cake by Caralin

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