Get Well Soon!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the hiatus on cake posting – it’s been a busy time for me recently!

Today’s post is a “Get Well Soon” cake.  John is an avid mountain biker, but he took an unfortunate tumble and smashed his leg in three places.  Ouch!  Well, what better way to make someone feel better than with cake?  After all, the saying is “cake heals all wounds”, isn’t it?  Well, if it’s not a saying already, it should be!

Chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream icing.

Get Well Soon cakeGet Well Soon cake

His little toes were fun to sculpt!

Get Well Soon cakeI searched mountain biking magazines online picked “bike” because it was the easiest to fit on my covers – turns out it’s actually John’s favourite magazine, too!

Get Well Soon cakeI hope the leg feels better soon!

One thought on “Get Well Soon!

  1. Love the cake!! 🙂 Do you have your own store or do you just make cakes for people by word of mouth? Because if you have a store, I’m so going on a road trip someday. Ha, ha. You’re SO incredibly talented!!!

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