Two Cute Car Cakes

Well, I think they’re cute, at least – and you’ve got to admit that the title is great alliteration, either way.  🙂

I’m still playing catch up on all the cakes I made before I started this blog, so today is a two-cake old/new combo post.  Both are car cakes, so I thought it made sense to show them as a two-in-one!

I’ll start with the earlier cake.  I made this one a few months ago for a coworker’s niece.  The family was having a big party to celebrate her first birthday, and since the birthday girl’s favourite toys are her cars, a big car cake was in order!  The cars are rice krispie treats covered in buttercream and then fondant.

Car birthday cake

…And here is the cake I made just this weekend.  It was for another birthday, for a little boy this time.  Evan is four this year, and he too loves cars and trucks, so another car cake it was!  This time I did one car and one truck, and the cake is covered in all piped buttercream grass instead of fondant.  The road is chocolate fondant on both cakes.

The other little “twist” on this cake is that I did the letters in 3D so they stood out from the front of the cake.  It’s just something a little different, but I thought it was fun!

car birthday cake

car birthday cake

car birthday cake

A close up of a car birthday cake

6 thoughts on “Two Cute Car Cakes

  1. Adorable cakes! I love the 3-d lettering and how fluffy the grass looks. Now I’m hungry for a pice of cake, and it’s only 7am! 🙂

  2. I love these cakes too! I particularly liked the second one, with the grass! What kind of piping nozzle did you need to get a grass effect? I’m hoping it wasn’t just a really narrow one and each ‘blade’ of grass was done separately!? xxx

    1. Hi Elena,

      Thanks for commenting! And no, don’t worry, you don’t have to pipe each blade one by one! There’s a tip with multiple little openings in it – I think about 9 or 10 holes – so the piping actually goes pretty quickly. I think it’s Wilton #233, but if you just search “Wilton grass tip” you’ll see what I mean (It’s also great for doing fur on little creatures)! They have them at Bulk Barn, so pick one up and have some fun with it!

      1. Thanks for your reply, Caralin! Much appreciated! I’m glad to hear that it wasn’t as painstaking as it looks. the effect is really superb, so I will indeed have a play with one of the nozzles you described. I’m in the UK, and I think you might be in the US, which would be why I haven’t a clue what Bulk Barn or Wilton is! BUT I’m sure I’ll find the equivalent here in the UK or on! Thanks again, and all the best, Elena xxx

        1. Ah – my husband is British, and my in-laws are still in Cornwall! I know converting the kitchen terminology can be confusing enough, without getting into brand names (I’m in Canada – you were close with your guess of the US!). You’re in luck, though – I checked “grass icing tip” just now on the UK Amazon, and tons of options came up (even Wilton – our “go to” brand of cake decorating supplies on this side of the pond!).

  3. Hi Caralin

    awesome car cake, I plan to bake similar one for my nephew, I emailed you some questions I have on how to decorate this cake. Could you please respond if you get a chance. Appreciate it

    thanks so much

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