Celtic Football Club: Team Jersey Cake

My partner is a British man, so I have been conditioned over the years to call the sport with the black and white ball you kick with your feet “FOOTBALL”.  “American football” is the name of the grunty, tight-pants-big-shoulders, ball-that-you-throw-and-carry-and-kick-now-and-then sport.

Okay, I really just call them both football.  I don’t discriminate.

Okay, and sometimes I still do call the foot one “soccer”, but I do admit that “football” makes more sense as a name, and I acknowledge the error of my ways.

I tell you this only because football fans are often very passionate.  They’re passionate about what you call their sport, definitely passionate about the game, and DEFINITELY passionate about their favourite team, which was the inspiration behind this football jersey birthday cake.

Can you guess the birthday boy’s favourite team?  That’s right – the Celtic Football Club.

I guess it must be a family trait, because they’ve now ordered the exact same cake for his mother’s birthday, coming up later in April!  (of course, it won’t say “Happy 30th Daddy”, but let’s not get in to another debate on semantics, shall we?)


Celtic Football Club jersey cake

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