“Breaking Dawn” cake

I admit it – I’ve read all four books of the Twilight series and I loved them.  So, I was quite excited when I was asked to make a cake replica of Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final book, for a fan’s birthday.  The cake was a surprise from her boyfriend, so I really hope she liked it!

If you know the series, you’ll recognize that the bookmark is a throwback to the red scarf on the cover of Eclipse (which is the third book of the series, but of course you all knew that too!).

I just dropped this cake off a couple of hours ago, so I’ll have to wait to hear how it went over.  It’s dark chocolate cake with whipped dark chocolate ganache filling.  Yum. (Update –  Here’s an excerpt from the email I got later that evening:
Hi Caralin,
We just got back from the Dinner & the Cake was Incredible!!! Gina loved it, we took hundreds of pics & she still wouldn’t cut/serve it.  Thanks again, it surprised everyone & set the bar for all of the boy friends tonight.
I’m so glad they liked it!)

Here’s the final product!

Breaking Dawn cake

Breaking Dawn cake

Breaking Dawn cake

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