Love in the Desert with a Camel and a Kayak.

How often do you get to make a cake like this?

In my last post about the polka-dot birthday cake, I mentioned that I’d had a busy weekend because I was working on two projects at once.  This is the other one I was talking about!

My sister, Sherry, got married this summer to a fabulous chap named Ryan.  They’re both Canadian, but they met WAAAAY over in Qatar, in the middle east, where they both live and work.  The wedding itself was an intimate, lovely affair at the Millcroft Inn near Orangeville, Ontario, but since we have a huge extended family (our dad was one of 14 kids, which means that I have 46 first cousins and over 100 second cousins on my dad’s side alone), our parents held a big celebration the following weekend for all those who weren’t at the main event.

This was the cake!

Desert wedding cake with camel and kayak

I wanted to make a cake that represented them as a couple.  They live in a desert country, so the sand and the camel make sense.  They’re both avid kayakers, so I included a kayak and paddles (though a water sport may seem contrary to a sandy country, Qatar is actually located on the Gulf of Arabia, so they get out on the water fairly often).

Now, I do confess that they don’t actually have cacti (cactuses is more fun to say) like that in Qatar, but I decided to take a little creative liberty there.  🙂

This was my first time making a gumpaste goatee!  (and camel, kayak, and cacti, I suppose – like I said, the occasion doesn’t come up often to make those!)

Desert wedding cake camel bride groom

A close-up of the kayak:

Desert wedding cake kayak

The sand is crushed up vanilla wafer cookies, and all other decorations are gumpaste.  Top and bottom layer are Black and White Mousse Cake, and the middle layer is carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

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    1. Thanks so much, Nicole – it was fun to make! I even got my 8-year-old niece to help put the sand on the sides. We both had fun chucking handfuls of cookie crumbs at the cake!

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