Polka-dot Cake (and Fondant Flower Cupcake!)

For this post, I decided to take two mini-posts and smush them together, because more is always better when it comes to cake.

The first cake I’ll feature here is a pink polka-dot birthday cake I made for a friend of mine.  She was turning 25, and sadly I was unable to make her birthday party so I sent this cake to take my place.  You know how cakes like to party, after all.  🙂  Both layers are dark chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream.  I think this was actually my first full-size fondant cake since I did the one for my brother’s wedding!

Pink Polka-Dot Cake

This was actually a two-cake weekend for me, so that was busy, but fun.  I’ll feature the other cake I did (and my reason for skipping my friend’s party) in my next post!  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a quick shot of a cupcake I made with my friend Elena (who is an amazing baker – more on her later!).  This cupcake is actually from earlier than the birthday cake, and was one of my first forays back into fondant.  It made for a fun afternoon!

flower cupcake